Lunch and Learn with Agilex Biolabs and Bentleys R&D Service

Learn about Australia's R&D Tax Rebate to Accelerate your Clinical Development over lunch.

Join a financial expert and biotech service provider to learn about an effective strategy used by many US emerging biotech companies to stretch funding and accelerate pipeline development. Q&A Included.

Australia offers a 43.5% tax rebate program to eligible companies and offers the fastest regulatory pathway in the world for drug and medical device companies around the world. Madison Esely-Kohlman and Mike Burfield will join the Altitude Labs group in person on June 1st to discuss:

  • R&D tax rebate program
  • 43.5% cash back on development-related spend
  • Eligibility
  • Diverse and well-developed ecosystem of available services in Australia
  • Applicability to preclinical and clinical expenses
  • Creative ways to maximize benefits, including overseas expense eligibility
  • Expedited clinical pathway
  • No IND needed, study startup within weeks of filing application
  • Process and application materials
  • Accepted by US FDA
  • How-to guide for getting started
  • Common strategy for small biotech companies

FAQs and Q&A included


Madison Esely-Kohlman: Director, Business Development at Agilex Biolabs

Mike Burfield: Founding Partner, Bentleys R&D

About Agilex Biolabs:

Agilex Biolabs is Australia’s top contract research organization offering GLP toxicology studies and regulated bioanalysis. With 25 years of experience, Agilex helps pharma and biotech companies from all over the world achieve high-quality results for preclinical and clinical studies. Agilex is one of the only labs in Australia to be audited by the US FDA, obtains accreditation for meeting OECD GLP standards every two years, and data from Agilex studies is used to support submissions to regulatory agencies in Australia, US, Europe, China, and elsewhere. Agilex can support small molecules, biologics, vaccines, and cell and gene therapies with a wide selection of platforms and experience.  

About Bentley’s R&D Services:

Bentleys is an award winning, national leader in the delivery of a one-stop-shop range of compliant, low-cost  corporate services that enable non-Australian groups to benefit from refundable R&D Incentives through establishment of an Australian presence. Established in 2011 and with clients from the USA, Canada, South America, Asia and Europe we present an established track record of value and compliance and have supported over $750 million in investments foreign biotech investments in Australia without incident.



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