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3Helix is a platform collagen company developing diagnostics for fibrotic conditions and advancing tissue regeneration science.

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Mike Kirkness
Luke Bennink
Julian Kessler
Research scientist
Helen Kang
Research associate & accounting manager

Based on years of research from leaders in eosinophil research, NexEos is developing diagnostics and therapeutics to identify and treat eosinophilic diseases.

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Theresa Mansi
Jerry Gleich
CSO & co-founder
Evan Cutler
Research specialist
Jeremy Snook
Research specialist
Yukio Sauijoh
Research specialist

Known Medicine is creating the world’s largest 3D cell culture data set to predict the best therapeutics for every cancer patient and cancer type.

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Andrea Mazzocchi
CEO and co-founder
Katie-Rose Skelly
CTO and co-founder
Timothy Considine
Ryan Neely
Director of biology

PEEL Therapeutics is a biotech at the intersection of nature and technology. PEEL's pipeline includes multiple assets to treat cancer and inflammation, derived from plants, newborns, and elephants.

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Joshua Schiffman
CEO & co-founder
Aleah Caulin
Director of preclinical programs
Lisa Abegglen
Scientific consultant
Trent Fowler
Director of operations
Tony Lovino
Research associate

Rebel Medicine is developing safe and effective alternatives to opioids for acute pain management.

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Brett Davis
CEO & co-founder
Caleb Lade
CCO & co-founder
Sierra Erickson
Senior engineer & co-founder
Susan Wojtalewicz
Senior engineer & co-founder
Pouya Hadipour
Director of research & development

Using a simple blood sample, Teiko delivers deep characterization of immune response which provides unique insights for therapy companies during clinical trials.

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Ramji Srinivasan
CEO & co-founder
Li-Chun Cheng
Director of lab operations

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