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We are a community of diverse founders elevating Utah’s health care innovation economy.

Our mission is to build the economic backbone for Utah’s health care sector by investing in a new, diverse generation of founders.

In 2020, Altitude Lab was established as a collaboration between Recursion and the University of Utah’s PIVOT Center to build the economic backbone for Utah’s health care sector by investing in a new, diverse generation of founders. 

Altitude Lab strategically invests in founders because we believe that a sustainable economy will rely on homegrown innovators who deeply believe in serving patients.

As an entrepreneurial community in an emerging market we understand that building a company can be lonely, especially for founders with untraditional backgrounds. Altitude Lab proactively works to fill access gaps to critical infrastructure, talent, funding, and support. Simply put–we provide both the scientific infrastructure and a community of experts to help founders navigate challenges specific to the health care industry.

For over a decade, Utah’s health care innovation economy has been outpacing other emerging markets across the country. With over $2.3B in venture capital funding pouring into the state and significant community and policy initiatives underway, we believe Utah will rival established biotech metros across the country. 

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We Believe In:


We cultivate a space where ideas and connections safely and sustainably grow. With 15,000 sq ft of co-working lab and office space and $1 million in cutting-edge tools and equipment, we’ve built the scientific foundation for innovators to thrive.


We aim to fuel Utah’s economic growth by investing in founder-led companies and technologies. A healthier future doesn’t start with investors or institutions–it begins with founders. We take the time to equip each founder with the resources, network, and industry knowledge needed to succeed.


By 2045, the U.S. will be 50.3% racially non-white. The growth of an ethnically diverse population means a critically different patient profile for the health care sector. We recognize that diversity is critical to realizing the solutions to address a new patient demographic, so we proactively work to lower existing barriers to success.

Meet Our Altitude Team

Chandana Haque

Executive Director

Lauryn Narramore

Operations and Resident Experience Manager

Kapil Sharma

Program Manager

Gabriella Davis

Event Coordinator

Peace Aisogun

Marketing Manager

See Our Board

Chris Gibson

CEO and Co-Founder

Chandana Haque

Executive Director
Altitude Lab

Heather Kirkby

Chief People Officer

Tina Larson

Chief Operations Officer

“Breakthrough work takes breakthrough spaces”

— Chandana Haque


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