The best ideas make you climb.

Getting the best help shouldn’t.

Elevating Utah’s Future Health Care Founders

We invest in a community of new voices and ideas to build a healthier future. Since Altitude isn't tied to a specific investor or institution, we can align resources around our startups’ needs in a community-based way, allowing us to bridge the gap for new founders.

Our goal is to bring together the best of public and private resources to elevate diverse founders to success—because we believe that everyone succeeds when you do.

Program Overview

In a field where the problems are profoundly complex, and innovation is transformative, founders need more than a lab to bring their technologies to patients. We aim for every Altitude Lab resident to be seed-funded and ready to transition into their own headquarters within 24 months.

That’s why we surround resident startups with cutting-edge tools, industry leaders, and top-tier investors to accelerate your path and boost the sophistication of your strategy.

Becoming a resident lets you

Experience Unlimited Lab Access

We are equipped with $1M of state-of-the-art cell and molecular biology tools and provide the lab management, training, and experimental help to support your technology development. Altitude Lab supports groundbreaking science and growing teams in practical and holistic ways.

Find Direct Industry Guidance

By connecting you with experts and seasoned entrepreneurs across the country, we make decades of industry knowledge accessible. With the support of our network, we aim to simplify the path of a complex industry. You will leave ready to navigate field-specific challenges like securing partnerships, managing clinical pathways, and more.

Connect With Investors

Every founder will need investors to fund, mentor, and connect their startup, but access to capital is the most cited opportunity gap for many nontraditional founders. Altitude Lab brings our partnered network of health care venture capitalists to you 40 days/year to build your network early in your startup’s development.

Grow Your Network

At Altitude Lab, you belong to an innovative, forward-thinking community of solution builders committed to higher quality, affordable and accessible health care.Together, our founders grapple with the unique challenges in the health care and biotech industry.

Let Us Manage Admin

You've got a company to grow; we want to make that as easy and affordable as possible. As a resident, Altitude Lab offers an adaptable membership plan to let you grow quickly without worrying about maintenance, inventory, or infrastructure. Let our team manage the administrative details so you and your team can focus on building forward with the momentum from our support.

Access a fully equipped co-working lab and office, start with a single bench and scale up as you grow.


Investor Coalition

Our partnered network of leading healthcare venture capitalists works with Altitude to fund, mentor, and provide resources for founders. Founding members include:

Shaquille Vayda

Lux Capital

Rohan Ganesh

Obvious Ventures

Zavain Dar

Dimension Capital

Zachary Bogue


Michael Schmanske


Nickolas Mark

Intermountain Ventures

Nathaniel Horwitz

RA Capital

Nan Li

Dimension Capital

Branden Rosenhan MD

MedMountain Ventures

Katelin Roberts

MedMountain Ventures

Jack Boren

Epic Ventures

Greg Yap

Menlo Ventures

Austin Walters

SpringTide Capital

Andrea Jackson

Northpond Ventures

Alaa Halawa

Mubadala Capital


Altitude Lab offers an adaptable membership plan to let you grow quickly without having to worry about maintenance, inventory, or infrastructure. Access a fully equipped coworking lab and office, start with a single bench and scale up as you grow.

One Desk

Work in a modern, flexible environment with access to conference rooms, event venues, lounges, and more

Sit/stand desk

Conference room


Event venue

Package reception

Business address

High speed internet




/ per month


Lab Bench

Complete access to a professionally managed laboratory and nearly $1M of technology and tools

Molecular and cell bio labs

~$1M of tech and tools

Cold and chemical storage

Professional lab service

Package reception

Pitch nights

Experiential education

Business address



/ per month


The Stash

Don't waste your time managing lab inventory. Rely on The Stash to make stocking tips, plates, and other lab essentials easy.

Tips, tubes, plates, and more

Easy monthly subscription

Scales with your operation and stage


/ per month

Explore Current Equipment

5,000 sq ft. of professionally managed lab space

The latest molecular and cell biology instrumentation

Dedicated tissue and cell culture and analysis facility

Close proximity to University of Utah’s core facilities

Easy package reception, retrieval, and storage

Event venue, lounges, and 13 conference rooms

10,000 sq ft. of flexible, COVID-safe office space



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