Because we believe:


Breakthrough work takes breakthrough spaces.


An ecosystem of innovation depends on diverse founders.


A sustainable system for growth is centered on founders first.

This isn’t the hustle.
This is the frontier.

Breakthrough work takes breakthrough spaces.

Welcome to the largest life sciences lab in the region—and so much more.

This is space where ideas can grow: over 5,000 sq ft of active co-working lab space, including shared cell culture facilities and state-of-the-art molecular biology instrumentation.

But this is where connections can grow too: our spaces feature a collaborative office, lounges, 15 meeting rooms, and even a game room—all with views of the Wasatch.

And it all comes together at Basecamp: a community center where founders can engage with each other, mentors and the public to exchange ideas, challenge perspectives and share accomplishments.

Explore the Lab

5,000 sq. ft.

Professionally Managed Lab Space

10,000 sq. ft.

Flexible Office Space


Meeting Rooms & Lounges

A sustainable system for growth is centered on founders first.

A healthier future doesn't start with investors or institutions—it starts with founders.

Our goal is to bring together the best of public and private resources to elevate diverse founders to success—because we believe that everyone succeeds when you do.

Through our partnership with Recursion and University of Utah our founders have access not only to core university facilities, intellectual property experts, and top healthcare investors and mentors but also a community looking to collaborate and help founders succeed.

An ecosystem of innovation depends on diverse founders

Diversity is the engine for a future of creative, adaptive success—that’s why our whole program is built around it.

Ready to be at Altitude?

Residency at Altitude Lab includes access to our cutting edge wet lab space, personalized mentoring and network development and grant support for underrepresented founders.

See more details about our program and application process here.


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