How to Apply and Succeed at Altitude

Whether you are still dreaming of starting your first health care startup or are in the early stages of being a founder, Altitude Lab has the resources you need to move forward. The road to entrepreneurship is full of challenges–from arduous FDA approval to retaining scientific talent and paying next month's bills. It's incredibly normal to feel overwhelmed along the way. At Altitude Lab, we work with founders to lower existing barriers and catalyze growth.

In 2021, Altitude startups raised a staggering 54 million dollars in seed funding, a record high for Utah. In addition to our commitment to creating opportunities for Utah's most viable companies started by the state's most vibrant talent, we are well connected and resourced, which takes some of the barriers down a notch for founders. We pride ourselves in investing in and supporting women and BIPOC leaders. We designed our lab to be an ultra-functional space to help diverse minds towards a mutually successful result.

What's the secret to our success?

Altitude offers two programs serving entrepreneurs at different stages of starting a company. Our incubator program hosts startups for 24 months, providing access to state-of-the-art cell and molecular biology tools, investors, experienced mentors, and an entrepreneurial community.

Our Blue Sky allows you to defer costs and pilot early technology concepts for founders who haven't incorporated and are exploring startup creation. Altitude offers day rates to the laboratory space, targeted toward pre-incorporation founders while creating lasting connections to a community of founders and industry professionals. Learn more about Blue Sky by emailing

Our incubator program serves recently incorporated life science companies. With approximately 15,000 square feet of shared office and lab space, Altitude creates an environment for innovation to flourish. Eligible applicants must focus on therapeutics, diagnostics, research tools, or digital health care.

To apply successfully, follow these steps:

  1. Create a pitch deck or executive summary
  2. Fill out our application form
  3. Meet with us to discuss our space, mission, and services

Including more information like publications or research that supports your science, even if it's not your work, will help you stand out among applicants. Take the time to highlight the background and experience of people involved in your company, such as community leadership roles or small businesses they have led. Include directions, goals, or products you may want to pursue in future endeavors. If we believe you will succeed at Altitude, I encourage you to speak with our Executive Director once you apply.

While the shared equipment is a considerable benefit, Altitude is much more than a coworking space. To make the most of your 24 months here, we will foster growth by organizing events and networking opportunities to bring investors, peers, and industry leaders into your relational sphere. You'll also be able to utilize resources such as office hours with experts, guidance on legal processes, and business strategy focused on eliminating issues facing today's entrepreneurs.

With Altitude by your side, your company's road to market just got a little clearer. You've already got this far; you might as well start your application.




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