Grants and Financial Assistance for Your Startup Journey

At Altitude Lab, we recognize that each founder’s background and journey is one-of-a-kind. Building the value of your startup ahead of venture fundraising is crucial to transforming your vision into a reality. 

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What makes someone eligible?

  • Sector: Life science and health care companies (therapeutics, diagnostics, research use tools or services,and digital health care). We are currently not accepting device and tools companies unless they are pursuing a combination therapeutic-device model. We plan to include device companies in the future. If you are interested in learning more contact us at 
  • Stage: Early-stage companies with 5 or fewer employees 
  • Team experience: Founders’ and executives’ professional background align to their technology or business ambition
  • Representative & inclusive teams: While we have no absolute quotas or requirements of individual startups, Altitude Lab aims for 50% of our startups to have at least one underrepresented founder or executive. We do require all companies to make a commitment to build inclusive businesses. Preference for grants will be given to exceptional leaders from historically underrepresented backgrounds

What should I expect after I apply?


What to expect after you apply

  • Meet us
    We will set up a call and answer any questions you have about the space, our mission, and our services
  • Follow up for grant applicants
    After an initial review, you will be invited to meet our board of directors. This will help us see where you might fit within our 10 Trail Angel Grant seats
  • Get notified

We promise to notify you of your application status within 3 weeks of applying.

What is the criteria for applicants?


We require all residents to meet the following criteria:

  • Sector: Life science and health care companies (therapeutics, diagnostics, research use tools or services, and digital health care)
  • Stage: Early stage companies with 5 or fewer employees and a soft limit of $2M in equity-based funding or annual revenue.

    We understand that stage, funding, and team size is relative to your vertical and operation. If you exceed the above guidelines but believe you are still at an early stage, we are eager to discuss your unique situation with you to determine incubator fit together
  • Team experience: Founders’ and executives’ professional background align to their technology or business ambition

In addition to these requirements we evaluate companies based on their alignment to our mission. Preference will be given to companies who are building:

  • Breakthrough businesses or products: Innovation-driven technologies with compelling patents or publication track record or disruptive, differentiated market strategies
  • Representative & inclusive teams: Altitude Lab aims for 50% of our startups to have at least one underrepresented founder or executive and requires all companies to make a commitment to build inclusive businesses. Preference for residency will be given to exceptional executives from historically underrepresented backgrounds.

Our financial assistance options below can help you fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams.

Empowering First-Time Academic and Underrepresented Founders

The Chris and Summer Gibson Founder Fellowship is committed to empowering underrepresented and first-time founders as they transition from academia to entrepreneurship. If accepted as a fellow, you will receive:

  • $40,000 Stipend: Funding to fuel your entrepreneurial dreams.
  • 1 Year of Lab and Office Space: Access to our world-class facilities, including a wet lab bench and co-working office space.
  • Expert Mentorship: Benefit from quarterly mentoring sessions with Chris Gibson, co-founder and CEO of Recursion.
  • Discounted Resources: deep discounts on select lab reagents and consumables.

Are you an underrepresented or first-time founder completing your graduate or postdoctoral training within 12 months? Take the step to secure your place in the program today.

Your Path to Success

The Trail Angel Grant provides your startup unmatched support to reach new heights:

  • 1 Year of Residency: Gain access to our cutting-edge facilities, services, and instrumentation Expert Guidance: Receive personalized coaching from industry leaders to  navigate pitching, term sheets, and overcoming your most pressing business challenges.
  • Reserved Grants: We are deeply committed to promoting diversity and inclusion. That's why we reserve five of our ten grants for companies with at least one underrepresented founder or executive.

Seize Opportunities Anytime, Anywhere

Our Get There Travel Grants are designed for those critical moments when admitted founders need to be at a meeting, no matter what:

  • Airfare Coverage: Receive financial support of up to $750 for airfare, ensuring you can make those critical meetings with top investors or commercial partners.
  • Meals and Accommodations: We'll cover you for two days of travel, including meals and accommodations.

Ready to Secure Your Startup's Future?

At Altitude Lab, we aim to empower you with the resources and support you need to thrive. Whether embarking on your entrepreneurial journey or looking to elevate your startup to new heights, our financial assistance options can help. Your journey to success begins here. Apply for the financing option that aligns with your needs and become part of the thriving community of Altitude Lab entrepreneurs.


Provided lab space for our employees as we progress and grow this start-up biotech company

Jim Levison

Altitude is an enriching environment that provides countless opportunities for our company to grow, network, fundraise, and further develop our products.

Robert Williams

Lauryn and Chandana have been excellent. They consistently go above and beyond their duties to help my company and me be successful. They have been instrumental in getting us connected with vendors, equipment set up, lab issues resolved, and so much more. They are always more than willing to help with whatever questions I may have. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with them.

Liz Enrico

The lab space has been extremely helpful, having access to all the equipment has been crucial for company progression.

Luke Bennink

Residence allowed our company to begin running experiments and moving forward while we raised capital for our own equipment and space.

Andrea Mazzocchi

Being able to access the lab facilities has been amazing! As well as having access to a community of other scientists for help and to learn from.

Eva Serio

Altitude Lab has served us as a great launch pad. Before we started the company, we did not fully appreciate the logistical intensity of starting a biotech. Altitude lab has allowed us focus on our science while the rest of the lab needs and so much more were taken care of for us.

Trent Fowler

Lab space, and being able to move/work away from the university has been huge for us. From a technology standpoint as well as allowing us to work faster and more efficiently. Having a working environment (desks) where we can grow and collaborate has been useful too. The space allows us to be dynamic as we grow and our needs change

Susan Wojralewicz

The key thing is infrastructure for us. We've been able to navigate legal stuff and fundraising without a ton of outside help but having a physical space to receive shipments on our behalf and instrumentation for us to use has really helped. I expect that benefit to jump when we finally move our lab operations there!

Ian Quigley

Having an affordable place to set up our lab and do our initial work is beyond measurable value. Also, the ability to connect with others in the same space for advice and shared experience is also incredibly helpful.

Joshua Schiffman


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