Biopharma Business Development

Teiko Bio

We started Teiko Bio to use immune insights to help deliver life changing therapies to those who need them most.  Today, Teiko delivers on its mission by supporting therapy development and informing clinical decision-making.  By using cutting edge mass cytometry, Teiko’s leading assay, the TokuProfile, maps characteristics of response, accelerates clinical pipeline candidates, and supports the identification of novel discoveries.

About you:

  • Either ability to form OR have existing relationships with translational medicine decision making teams; with an initial focus on immunotherapy and cell therapy
  • Motivated to help breakthrough therapies reach patients
  • Excited to tackle ground-floor challenges and work with seasoned scientists and proven entrepreneurs


  • Identify target customers and decision makers within biopharma organizations
  • Provide introductions to and participate in presentations with target companies
  • Understand overall company strategy to keep marketing materials and value proposition updated
  • Drive the biopharma sales pipeline from identification to close


  • Ideally, prior experience in diagnostics, immunology, or biopharma, OR proven ability to quickly learn a new domain
  • Practical, working knowledge of modern customer-relationship-management (CRM) tools
  • Proven experience in finding and closing large deals
  • No degree required but knows how to close business

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Residency at Altitude Lab includes access to our cutting edge wet lab space, personalized mentoring and network development and grant support for underrepresented founders.

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