A healthier future takes a reimagining of community.

The coming decades of healthcare innovations will shape life as we know it. At Altitude Lab, you are part of a community who will create what that looks like.

This is a commons where your essential network comes together and connection happens. Altitude Lab allies with leading, national investors, experienced entrepreneurs and board members, scientific thought leaders, and public officials to help your innovations reach patients faster.

Investor Coalition

Our partnered network of leading healthcare venture capitalists works with Altitude to fund, mentor, and provide resources for founders. Founding members include:

Shaquille Vayda

Lux Capital

Alaa Halawa

Mubadala Capital

Andrea Jackson

Northpond Ventures

Austin Walters

SpringTide Capital

Branden Rosenhan MD

MedMountain Ventures

Greg Yap

Menlo Ventures

Jack Boren

Epic Ventures

Katelin Roberts

MedMountain Ventures

Michael Schmanske


Nan Li

Dimension Capital

Nathaniel Horwitz

RA Capital

Nickolas Mark

Intermountain Ventures

Rohan Ganesh

Obvious Ventures

Zachary Bogue


Zavain Dar

Dimension Capital



From advising our founders to teaching workshops on market strategy and negotiation, our founding partner, Recursion, is always working to build a stronger innovation ecosystem at Altitude Lab.

University of Utah’s PIVOT Center

In a deep technology field there are some resources and expertises that are untenable without the help of a world reputed research institution. Our founding partner, University of Utah, makes it possible for all of our founders to access core labs, vivarium, intellectual property expertise, recruit board members and talent, and so much more.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Altitude continually invests in leading technologies to support the next decades of innovation. Our partners at Thermo Fisher Scientific make it possible to provide best-in-class technology for our founders.


Helping our residents scientists with leading peptide technology, CSBio is a leading automated peptide and instrumentation manufacturing company with instruments found in academic, R&D, and pharmaceutical laboratories worldwide.


Chandana Haque

Executive Director
Altitude Lab

Lauryn Narramore

Lab Manager

Kapil Sharma

Program Manager

Gabriella Davis

Event Coordinator

Peace Aisogun

Marketing Content Creator


Chris Gibson

CEO and Co-Founder

Chandana Haque

Executive Director
Altitude Lab

Heather Kirkby

Chief People Officer

Jonathan Bates

Executive Director
Real Estate Administration, University of Utah

Keith Marmer

Chief Innovation and Economic Engagement Officer, University of Utah

Tina Larson

Chief Operations Officer

Ready to be at Altitude?

Residency at Altitude Lab includes access to our cutting edge wet lab space, personalized mentoring and network development and grant support for underrepresented founders.

See more details about our program and application process here.


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