Ideas should make you climb. Getting the support you need shouldn’t.

As a founder resident, your needs are as unique as the idea you're pursuing—but much of the entrepreneurship journey has stayed flatly the same.

In a field where the problems are deeply complex and innovation is transformative, a status quo approach to support just won't do.

At Altitude Lab, you'll find a different approach.


Other programs leave you on your own to take care of lab space.

Here, the lab is where your idea comes to life.

That’s why access to our cutting-edge 5,000+ sq ft collaborative lab space is included with your Altitude Lab experience—along with 10,000 sq ft of office space, networking venues, conference rooms, lounges and more. See more about the lab here.


Access to funding and opportunities can be challenging to navigate if your idea or identity doesn’t fit the standard system.

Altitude Lab isn’t tied to an investor or institution—making it possible for us to align resources around your needs, in a community-based way.

We bridge the gap for founders to make big strides—in all the ways their journey demands. Our investor coalition allows our founders to build organic relationships with leading, national funders. For exceptional founders and business ideas, Altitude Lab offers grants.

Additionally, our revolutionary public/private partnership between Recursion and University of Utah, gives you access to the leader of tech enabled drug discovery and a nationally ranked patent leader who has spun out over 150 life science companies.

At Altitude, you'll be connected to one of the strongest life science resource networks in the country—and this is just the beginning.

See how Recursion's journey is enabling founders like you ›


In many programs, your value and potential is only as significant as your most recent round. At Altitude, we recognize that your whole life is part of long-term business success and leadership.

Step out the door and into the mountains, with world-class hiking and skiing. Take part in our multidisciplinary life science-centric design thinking track, which leverages concepts from IDEO, Lean Start-up and I-Corps. Here, you’re supported to develop yourself at every step—and even have fun along the way.

Ready to be at Altitude?

Residency at Altitude Lab includes access to our cutting edge wet lab space, personalized mentoring and network development and grant support for underrepresented founders. See more details about our program and application process here.

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