The air here is different—and so is the opportunity.

SLC is at a unique elevation. Not everyone has seen what’s happening here quite yet. But for those of us on the trail, we know something special is going on.

Altitude Lab is part of BioHive, the fastest growing life sciences community in the nation

With ample lab space, assets, shipping, receiving, regulatory groups, research universities, manufacturing capabilities, and supportive local governments, we have an amazing ecosystem for creative minds to thrive.

That’s why Altitude Lab has set up camp here in the Wasatch Mountains: we wanted a home where the elements come together to support diverse founders in new ways. Oh, and the views aren’t too bad either.

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Ready to be at Altitude?

Residency at Altitude Lab includes access to our cutting edge wet lab space, personalized mentoring and network development and grant support for underrepresented founders. See more details about our program and application process here.

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